Tuesday, March 31, 2009

2009 Playboy Golf & Mansion

Hi Everyone! My fabulous sister, Seema, and I went to the 2009 Playboy Golf Finals in Los Angeles this past weekend. 'Twas a hoot and a holla!:) Disappointed that we missed out on Tiger's fierce victory at Bay Hill, we decided that we will make it up to him during the Masters! With all do respect, it's hard to focus on golf when it's March Madness and The Playboy Golf Finals!!!
The event was at Industry Hills Country Club, 2 courses, Ike and the Babe! Sick views and in great shape:) The minute we got there, Seema ran into the man of her dreams... Miles Austin, the Wide Reciever for the Dallas Cowboys. She was thrilled, and rightfully so! What a cutie-pah-tootie:)
Here is a shot of our group in the scramble. We played in 6-somes and our group was in the lead after the first day... -20 under par Sugar!!! Beat that! Our group rocked and playing from the red tees has its advantages;)
Lil'sis trying to hit it closer than Big sis... Sibling Rivalry... but we're on the same team...? Whatevs;)
The highlight of the round was hitting balls with Jose Canseco, who actually designs his own golf outfits:) How awesome is that?
Oh yeah, and the Finals Party is a Lingerie Party at the Playboy Mansion with all the sponsors and participants! I will leave it at that! Such a great time! For more information on how you can play in the Playboy Golf Finals, go to http://www.playboygolf.com/

Sunday, March 22, 2009

March Madness with the Quigley's!

We all know that Annika is pregnant and Phil Mickelson won at Doral... but let's be honest Golf Groupies, it's MARCH MADNESS up in here!!! ;)

Golf Couture has selected the "hottest" player on the PGA Tour in the month of March and requested his "Final Four" NCAA March Madness Basketball Picks! With back-to-back solid runner-up finishes at the Puerto Rico Open and Transitions Championship, Brett Quigley is our "Mr. March" pick!

Brett Quigley: "I have to go with all four number 1 seeds; UNC, UConn, Pittsburgh and Louisville, they've all been playing well and they're looking solid, so I expect them to all move into the final four."

When asked who B-Quigs thinks will win the national title? He picked UNC to take it all! Brett was a former South Carolina Gamecock, and feels he should stay close to home...

What you don't know... Devon Quigley (cousin of Brett) got a phone call from Brett asking him to come kick-it-with-cuz in Puerto Rico. Ummmmm... sure!?!!? Devon caddied for Brett in Puerto Rico for the first time, and left him on a HOT streak! WootWoot!

Devon Quigley: "Brett's a solid player especially when he's relaxed. He hit it great in Puerto Rico and made a great putt on 18 to tie for the lead. When we're on the course we talk about basketball, the Red Sox, and when we approach the shot, we deal with it, and then go back to just talking. Brett is 15 years older, but our personalities click, we're family."

Could Devon be Brett's lucky star? He got Brett feelin' the vibe in Puerto Rico? Devon definitely bestows a calming effect... In fact, I watched some March Madness games with him this weekend in Vegas and we were on a roll! So like, could that luck have been passed on to me? If so, I'm takin' my chances... I got MIZZOU in my bracket! Go Tigers!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Comedian Brian Regan talks Golf

Hi Golf Enthusiasts!
A good friend of the Golf Couture Family introduced me to a Mr. Brian Regan. He could quite possibly be one of the funniest people in the world! Here he is talking about enjoying watching golf, but claims that "bird sounds" are being artificially simulated into live golf broadcasts... check it out! Really Funny stuff!!!

This guy is great... isn't he folks? Good times...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tiger Travel

So like, how do you get to a golf tournament? There are several different ways... rental car, airplane, your own car, bus, scooter? Who really cares how you get there... basically I got an email from someone, who knew someone, that knew someone that lives in Miami and saw Tiger's Yacht parked outside from their condo front and center... HOT. This week Tiger tees it up at Doral for the CA World Golf Championships and we are looking forward to a first-class performance from T-Dub. So exciting!