Sunday, July 20, 2008

Exposed as a "Dairy Queen"

OMG! How can this be? Forgetting to sign her scorecard is Michelle Wie?

Just when the most talented and criticized player in the game is about to have a giant comeback and slap the world in the face with her first LPGA Win - She gets Dairy Queened (disqualified). I'd prefer to focus on 2nd year LPGA player Ji Young Oh's first victory, or the exquisite Anna Rawson's final round of 66 - but I am left dwelling on "Michelle's Mistake".

Wie doesn't sign her scorecard after Friday's round, where she's 1 off the lead. She steps outside the "scoring area" and is signing autographs for fans, until the "scorers" realize that she hasn't signed her scorecard. She gets the DQ news after a brilliant 67 (5-under) round on Saturday finishing at 17-under, just 1 shot back of Yani Tseung (2008 LPGA McDonalds Champion).

Hmmmmm.... Do I dare ask: What if the LPGA disqualified Wie on Friday? Would that have changed ticket sales for Sunday? Could it have effected the weekend hype going into Saturday? Or did the LPGA really need a full day to analyze the exact details and precise series of events all day Saturday while Wie put on a "free" phenominal display of golf?

I got wind of the DQ instantly on a flashing ESPN bulletin and told myself "NO" 27 times while pacing the room with my sidekick in one hand and diet coke in the other.

Was the situation pushed beyond its limit to hype the event and the LPGA by way of exposing Wie? (once again)

Yes, Michelle didn't sign her scorecard (on FRIDAY), but I question the reasoning of her completion and participation in Saturday's round, and that's just me.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Butch "Drama" Harmon

Professional athletes go through rough phases with "Coach". As a coach, you've got to be able to communicate with your player, period. Mr. Harmon avoids confrontation by causing drama and taking cheap shots. Harmon recently broke news to Daly - via media, (aka - I'm too much of a high-school mean girl to say it to your face) that he would not be working with him anymore and layed assumed personal matters on the media buffet table. Rule 1#: Don't talk smack about your player:)
Here's a quick golf tip for Butch:

Put the Bushnell's in your locker, stay after school and take an extra credit class on the basic "Fundamentals" of respect from the guidance councelor.

If Butch had a problem with JD, he should've told him to his face. John's had some issues, haven't we all? Don't run your players' names through the dirt. (telephone ring) Ummm... Hello Butch? Is anyone home? Don't forget who's helping you butter your bread, k? If I was Daly, I would roll gangsta too and issue a public warning for Butch "Drama" Harmon (aka chatty cathy) to stay as far away as possible. As a professional you've got to feel for John, we've all experienced a fall-out with a coach or a mentor - not fun. If Butch really "cared" about John he could have consoled him privately versus shrewdly exposing him. This is worse than Madonna denying A-Rod on ESPN! There is no escaping it... You feel me? So what if you got Adam & Phil - You lost Tiger and pi**ed off John! TEAM DALY.

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Golf Sandal: Trend or Tradgedy

The Golf Sandal has been a moderate trend among women for the past 10 years. If you are a man (you are not off the hook ladies!) and have a pair of "golf sandals", might I suggest reevaluating your golf goals. The actual "golf sandal" is an oxymoron, much like a "basketball sandal" or a "soccer slipper" - it is not performance gear. You are subliminally accepting a 5-shot penalty when stepping on the first tee wearing "golf sandals".  Kobe would never step on the court (even in practice) ready to play in sandals, neither would Tiger.

I hate to be the one to break this to those of you who "rock" them, but REAL golfers don't wear "golf sandals". You are breaking over 50 fashion rules and desperately crying out for help. They are the farthest thing from "cool", and even further distance your chances for "breaking the course record". 

FACT: As you are hitting a few practice putts on the ol' putting green around the first tee, people are actually laughing at you through the window of the golf shop.  Don't let yourself be a victim of the golf sandal.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Adam-Scottie McHottie

Adam Scott. Wow. He's pretty nifty on and off the course. The sexy-stubble and sideway smile is a plus, making the "tall, dark and handsome package" especially appealing...

I'd like to tip my beret to Adam Scott and his endorsement deal with Burberry Golf. They are trendy, classy and they have found their guy. Adam always looks crisp on the course, and we have Burberry to thank.

I remember being in a high-end pro shop and trying on a pair of size 4 Burberry pants. The fit was very small, I could barely get them over my a**.  The Burberry fit is slightly smaller than the average fit, FYI.

Recently nominated as Golf Channel's Sexiest Golf Professional, I speak for all the ladies when I say that he should venture into a Burberry photo spread with less clothing.  As they say in marketing, "less is more".

Michelle Wie's "Clothing Game"

We all had our doubts about Michelle Wie playing in the Women's US Open, blah blah blah. Still, out of the endless amounts of blow-up qualifiers, she made it through and earned her right to be there. Not by fluke either, she carded rounds of 70 & 67, on 2 different courses on the same day. The final qualifier is 36 holes, so lets not point fingers just yet. Aside from the 9 (whoooops) she made during the first round, she played average. I know we expect alot from her and I am sure she does the same.

Whatever we may say, Michelle Wie is gifted and always looks super. Her body is perfect for any fit, and I would personally like to thank her for wearing extra short skirts last year. She brought "tight" clothing onto the scene with a bang. Thank you Michelle:) You have allowed women everywhere to take a deep breath, put down the pleated khakis... and throw on a bright n' tight short skort (skirt + short = skort) with any golf top.

Kudos to Nike for helping to break the boring "golf bottoms" mold. She even makes the "not so cute" Nike outfits (and there are plenty of them) look cute. I am totally TEAM MICHELLE, it has to be hard having the shameless media build you up and break you down repeatedly.

Here's the Deal: She's young, she's cute, she's rich and the world wants to watch her play... whether she plays well or falls apart. She always looks beautiful and definately has a bright n' promising future. You know what they say, "They may call me names, but at least they call me!"