Sunday, August 31, 2008

Callaway & Halle B

Celebs are busting on to the golf scene, even if deep down we're all wondering WTF is goin'on? Golfers are different kinds of celebs to whole-hearted fans... you can't compare Azinger to Affleck or DiCaprio to DiMarco! But celebrity and golf are closing in...

Examples: Justin Timberlake is hosting/sponsoring the upcoming PGA Shriner's Hospital Event in Las Vegas. Kudos Justin. Stars like K-Fed, Heather Locklear, and American Idol's Taylor Hicks are holding on to what's left of their sanity/celebrity via the glorious game of golf. You see, it so much more than just a game.

I heart Halle Berry because we share the same admiration for Barack Obama:) A victim herself, I also admire Halle Berry for having her own golf tournament to raise awareness for victims of domestic violence.

Taking over for sizzling-with-salsa NBA SuperWife, Eva Longoria, and adding to her golf agenda, Halle is the official 2008 spokeswomen for Callaway Golf Foundation's push for awareness and fundraising of ovarian cancer, " I’ve teamed with the Callaway Golf Foundation and the Entertainment Industry Foundation to educate women about taking care of their health."

...I heart Barack

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Olympic Golf Pride

Poor Golf:( No Olympics for you! Maybe in 2016? I'm taking a shot in the dark here when I say there are probably more "runners" and "gymnasts" than "golfers" around the globe - but isn't every golf tournament like Golf Olympics?

On the tee from America, Tiger Woooooods!!! ... On the tee from Canada, Mike Weeeeeir!!! ...

The Ryder Cup and The Presidents Cup would have to give birth to The Olympic Cup... I'm not a genius, (but sometimes I think I am, because I can put together a kick-a** outfit and do my hair in like, 15 mins) but I'm reading golf writers bash the Beijing Olympics for denying golf.

Note: What's the diff? It's not everyday you see beach volleyball and the 400 meter dash on NBC Prime Time with 5-hour coverage. Let random sports that don't have a shot in hell of making "year-round weekend coverage" get the spotlight for 2-3 weeks, once every 4 years.

I could never have enough "Retief Goosen" in my life, but he can take a backseat to "Michael Phelps'" butterfly for a week or two;) How else am I gonna Spice Up MY Sports Life"? ;)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

English for LPGA Dollars

"I have watched LPGA Pro-Ams and seen the stereotype: Four cigar-chomping, middle-aged American men saying hello to a 22-year-old South Korean woman who bows at the introduction on the first tee. There are smiles but very few words exchanged over the next five and a half hours after which the men scratch their heads and wonder why their foursome paid $10,000 for little or no conversation. " Brian Hewitt, Golf Channel

First of all - Play Golf Designs Inc. is a fix to that problem, like 2 years ago:) Hewitt and the rest of the golf world is reporting that the LPGA is cracking down on foreigners not being able to communicate with the media/sponsors/yadayada in English. LPGA called a mandatory meeting last Wednesday to discuss the 411 (code word for info) of this policy.

Note 1: LPGA consists of 121 international players from 26 countries, including 45 players from South Korea.
Note 2: LPGA is denying that this is a stunt to maintain and salvage sponsors in a struggling ecomomy, saying that they are stronger than before. Come on!
Note to LPGA: Hello? If you are going to make a "policy" then at least justify it - or you are leaving room for speculation. These 121 players are your bread and butter... obviously, or you wouldn't put a "policy" in order.

They should have announced a Glorious"5-Star English Program" designed specifically for all foriegn players, endorsed by Rosetta Stone... Rumor has it that players are going to have to start taking a test to pass ... or else...

In other news, here is what is interesting to me: Kim Kardashian is going to be on next seasons' "Dancing with the Stars". I think Annika should do it next season since she is going to put to stix up for a bit. It would be good for the game:)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Evolution of Golf Fashion 101

Yves Saint Laurent, legendary fashion designer and icon said it best when he felt that, “Fashion was not only supposed to make women beautiful, but to reassure them, to give them confidence, to allow them to come to terms with themselves."

For the life of me I can’t imagine coming to terms with myself in pleated khakis, no matter how well I’m striking the ball. Say “bye-bye” to “pleated khakis”, the “scrunchie syndrome” and “high-collared” oversized “dumpy” golf shirts. Not cool folks. Not cool for even 2 seconds.

You see, golf fashion (and I use the term “fashion” loosely) is coming into its own. Sure - it fluctuated with Easter colored golf shirts for the past few years... but its development has evolved in the last 2 years.

Perhaps it's the young /energetic women blasting on tour straight out of high school or college making golf less pretentious?

I mean, if Christian Dior is making golf bags, then we are TOTALLY moving in the right direction:) Image: Christian Dior

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Luke's 2008 Toast & Farewell

So I am sure that you have heard that Luke Donald, The English Cutie, is out for the rest of the season due to a wrist injury. Tiger's "goodbye" was more dominant than Luke's "goodbye", but that goes without saying. I like Luke, he seems like a strapping wholesome Mizuno-Royal Bank of Scotland kinda guy;) A graduate of Northwestern University in Chicago he still carries his English accent well...So we drop 2 Ryder Cup Cuties: Tiger (America) & Luke (Europe), so I guess that would make the Ryder Cup Teams "all square" in terms of "Loss of Hotties". Should we let Zinger know about this? Could it change the Captain's picks?

FYI: Luke has his own signature bordeaux wine set to be released in April or May of 2009. Yummm... (image

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Gulbis gives Kerr "Sexiest Golfer" Title

According to the Ottawa Sun, a Canadian newspaper, Natalie Gulbis gave Christie Kerr "The Sexiest Golfer" Title. Ummmmm... No.

As much as I like Christie Kerr and her super-cocky-'tude - I'm not sure she can claim that title. Kerr has earned a "sexy golfer" role - "Respek" -Ali G - No doubt she's cute... but sexiest? One of the sexiest?

It's no secret that Christie and Natalie are like, total BFF's (best friends forever). BFF's have to give BFF's "shout outs", but friendship aside...

Note to Natalie: Obviously you can't tell the media that YOU are the sexiest, so the humble/cordial thing to do is claim your BFF.

I think that in a head-to-head match in terms of "sexy" Christie Kerr would lose to SEVERAL LPGA ladies... that's just me, and I am usually right all of the time. Just ask me...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sorenstam Questions Wie

Annika Sorenstam, arguably the most well-respected and well-known female golfer worldwide, questioned Michelle Wie's decision to tee-it-up with the big dogs on the PGA Tour and opting out of the Women's British Open qualifier.

According to the Globe & Mail: "I really don't know why Michelle continues to do this," Sorenstam told reporters at the British Open. "We have a major this week and, if you can't qualify for a major, I don't see any reason why you should play with the men. We all have different agendas in life."

Note to Annika: 'Sup Annika, point well taken, different agenda indeed... You see, firstly, the trip to Reno is much closer than Europe. I am guessing the appearance deal (if any) was fairly lucrative and with full Golf Channel coverage, Michelle can keep her sponsors smiling all weekend, giving them all the more reason to sip on some cognac. Lastly, she "continues" to do this because she wants to actually be the first female professional to actually make a cut on the PGA Tour.

Controversy (Michelle Wie) is good for the women's tour (and the men's tour:), it keeps fans and media on their toes. Wie gives us something to talk about while Tiger is resting and rehabilitating until 2009. I heard that he is starting to ride his exercise bike in 3 daily segments... Borrrrrrringggggg... I'd rather hear more Smack-Talk about Michelle... keep it comin'!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

No Cigar Garcia

Sergio Garcia is the official face of Adidas-Taylor-Made and now also the official face of losing a major to Padraig Harrington. Consistant play throughout the tournament put Garcia in good position today for a strong final round at the 2008 PGA Championship.

Coming out of the gate strong, Garcia missed an opportunity to match Harrington's birdie on the Par 3 17th-Hole after sticking it closer. Dressed in all black and looking as snazzy as I've ever seen him, Garcia had a good chance to show Harrington who's da boss... but didn't... again. (British Open Flashbacks)

Garcia is just what the game needs, a little spicy and a little sexy and most importantly, he can draw the crowds. A great final round 68 from Garcia versus a gutsy 66 from Harrington made the difference in the day. Close, but no cigar:(

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hot Scott On the Market

ATTENTION LADIES: Adam Scott is Single and free to Mingle!!!

I was going through my emails and I got my weekly Golf Channel email blast with a headline saying that Kenny Perry had pulled out of the PGA with an eye injury. (ok... so what else is going on?) As I scanned deeper into the email I find an article heading "Illness, break-up affecting Scott" - OMG!

According to the New York Times: “It’s a very difficult thing, a major lifestyle change,” Scott said about the breakup. “When you are sharing homes for seven years, it has a big effect.”

Note to Adam: Why don't you just hop into your brand new 630i BMW, bump the new Lil'Wayne album, and just chillax. Listen, I can possibly move in with you for a bit if my schedule permits.

The New York Times says that his girlfriend, Marie Kojzar (pictured above), decided to end their relationship. "There had been sporadic online rumors of the couple’s breaking up two years ago, but none accompanied the actual split in April."

I'm sure that Adam won't have a problem jumping on the single-wagon and riding the dating scene, a man like Adam should be passed around like a hot potato on a second grade camping trip, thank goodness that Marie understands this matter.

Kudos to Marie for being a good sport and setting Adam free like an exotic caged bird in the summertime.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Slavery at the Ryder Cup

"You've got dinners every night - not little dinners, but huge massive dinners. I know as players, that's the last thing they want to do. We want to prepare ourselves. That's part of the whole thing: You're just a slave that week." - Hunter Mahan in regards to the post-shinannigans at the Ryder Cup.

Who knew? Eating giant 5 course elegant dinners amongst a selection of premier corporate sponsors and the best golf professionals in the world is noted as being perpetual torture for Hunter Mahan. This young man, at the ripe age of 26, has learned that the media will chew you up and spit you out. Will Ryder Cup Captain Paul Azinger bring Mahan aboard the the slavery train to Europe as a Captain's pick?

We are all aware that the "entertainment bit" where professionals are obliged to endure a mixture of pro-ams, banquets, conversations and socials with sponsors, volunteers and event committee members is necessary.

Note to Mahan: The fact remains that they are the people that make this "tournament stuff" possible, simple.

Although Hunter was a bit "amateur" in his Ryder Cup comments, he spoke the truth. Athletes don't speak the truth, they just tell the media what they need to hear so that important corporate people can walk around in blazers and smoke cigars. I feel for Hunter, he made an honest mistake. From now on, he should lie to the media and say that the after parties are cool and highly anticipated even though he really doesn't feel that way.