Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Take on Tiger

I would have bet Judy Rankin to crap her Depends before Tiger Woods debuted as a 45-minute HOT TOPIC on Nancy Grace last night! Wow. Seriously.
This is TIGER WOODS! The man. The legend. The daddy-mac that "be texin' ho's in different area codes?" Hmmm...

I am the BIGGEST Tiger Woods Fan in the world (and oddly after last night, so is Nancy Grace?). The only other superstar bigger than Tiger Woods is Michael Jackson. What do they have in common? Other than being all over my bedroom walls (blushing), they'll continue to be back-stabbed and lied about by media at any and all costs!

"Da couzin of da' couzin of da man that washed Tiger's Escalade lass Fryday" will come up with some story to sell to media. We ALL will act shocked as each detail emerges! Coincidentally, we ALL reside in a bigoted and intrusive society and all that glitters isn't gold. Does it matter if we know if Tiger is promiscuous or not? Really?
Another vixen has stepped on to the tee-box of cheats and lies. The only thing that this story is helping is that Golf is now cool enough to grace The Cover of US Weekly and National Enquirer! Like, even Graeme McDowell got a shout out on TMZ! Can I getta "waat waat"! Sick Coverage Dude!:)

What's your favorite part of this HOT "F''n MESS? The visual of the actual accident in which Tiger and Elin say it went down, TMZ's crack-addict coverage, or the bizarrely slow-dispatch in the 911 call that I can now hear in my sleep because it is on every channel and website?

My favorite is Rachel Uchitel. She's quoted saying intellectually stimulating things like, "I've never sex-texted in my life!" (fart noise) I feel bad for her if she didn't do anything:( Awwww... Gloria Allred will make betta fo' you:)

THE LESSON LEARNED: The next time you see Tiger (or J-LO) on the tube or in the magz lookin' all "glam and fab"... be grateful that you aren't a hot piece of *** and you don't have millions of dollars from various global corporate entities that people want to steal from you. Smile and take the kids to McDonalds! :) It is a happy place with no painkillers... Just Cheeseburgers, which can take the place of painkillers...

Friday, October 30, 2009

50 Cent is in Lakeland Florida Homies!

Yo check it! So Elena Kurokawa and Grace Woo, former UNLV Running Rebels and current Golf Hotties, were in Lakeland Florida for Duramed Futures Tour Q-school and just wanted to fill their Chevy Cobalt Rental with gas! Little did they know that they were going to bump into the G-Unit Creator/Wangsta himself... 50 CENT!

So Grace spotted him on his cell and immediately informed Elena that it was him. Elena was like "Oh my gosh Gracey, no it's not." To which Grace responded "Yes it is!" and then started screaming. I couldn't help but wonder... What if they were in a Pontiac and drinking Vitamin Water?

So they went over and asked his 5-man entourage if they could have a picture. The one guy, who we now think is head of 50-Cent's "posse", told them "no". He was obviously jealous that 2 hot asian-golfing-goddesses didn't want a picture with him. (LOSER!) Elena and Grace never gave up, "Please. Please. (5 second pause) Why not? Please?" they persisted.

All of a sudden... there was a knock coming from inside the vehicle. (Not the Cobalt, the Yukon) Fiddy was waving them over to his window for a pic! "HIP HIP HOORAY!" Elena and Grace cheered:)
50 was really busy on his phone and didnt have time to chit chat and talk about his next album or nuthin. He just smiled and tickled them like little Pillsbury dough boys!

"I used to think he was cute. Now I am obsessed! I love 50 cent!" Said Elena as she drove out of the "Raceway" gas station on her way to Huntington Hills Golf Club for the Duramed Futures Tour Qualifying practice round. The tournament starts on Monday November 2 - Friday November 6, 2009.

Best of luck ladies! Oh and it was Grace's Birthday yesterday too! "Go shawty, it's yo' Birfday!" Xo.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

David Letterman's Extortion Guy wears Titleist Hats

Has anyone else noticed this trend over the last few weeks? Robert "Joe" Halderman, the "not very nice" man accused of trying to extort $2 Million dollas from David Letterman, officially wears Titleist hats everywhere!

Here he is in a white Titleist hat picking up laundry or what appears to be some sort of dry cleaning:

Here he is again, rockin' the same Titleist hat that he was wearing the the first picture. This time he seems to be smiling in a beach chair:

Friday, September 4, 2009

Golf Cart DUI

Hi Everyone! I've missed you!!! Big Hugs:)
So glad that Michael Jackson has been buried. It has been really sad to come to terms with it? But the blogging must go on... RIP MJ...

Flipping through the Internet and twitter-world, I stumbled upon an article titled, "New York Woman charged with Golf Cart DWI" from @golf_fiend. Confused, yet... intrigued ;p...
Boston Globe: DOVER PLAINS, N.Y. - A 45-year-old woman, Maureen A. Conklin, was charged with driving while intoxicated after state troopers pulled over her golf cart late at night on a rural highway in Dutchess County.....

"At $29.99, "Bubba’s Remote Controlled Beer Cart" offers users the option of having beer delivered via a mini golf cart. Features include: a golf bag shaped remote control, a removable roof, and working head / tail lights. Finally, a chance to bring your love of golf, gadgets, and alcohol together!"

What a COOL gift! ...Unless your name is "Maureen A. Conklin" and you have a "Golf-Cart-DUI":(

Note to the friends of Maureen A. Conklin: Do NOT buy "Bubba's Remote Controlled Beer Cart" for her. Maureen would feel "uber-awkward" if like... she opens up her gift and it's a cool toy-golf-cart with a beer strapped to the back of it! She would totally think of how "uber-drunk"she was on the golf course that day!

Update: Our media department has just obtained this photo of the arrest...

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Tribute to Michael Jackson: The King

What does Golf have to do with Michael Jackson? For me, a lot! Ask any golfer if Michael Jackson has played a role in their lives, and I'm sure they'll have a story. The sudden death of a King has hit me harder than I'd imagined, he was never supposed to die, not like that. Not without a strong finish...

Sitting in my basement at 3 years old, watching "The making of Thriller" on VHS... over and over. Hugging my knees on the couch, my hands covering my eyes, I'd peek through my fingers to watch. Terrified, I'd run to my parents room in tears, but I couldn't take my eyes off of him, he was mezmorizing, he was Michael Jackson! AND - I was back again the next night for more...

Every album is on my ipod. Every song has a memory and a meaning - a feeling. Over the years, I've practiced multiple hours on the range and ran hundreds of miles with Michael. His music "moves" me... literally. "Jam" on the Dangerous album made me work harder and "Man in the Mirror" made me a better person. Life without Michael would be different in a way that drive and inspiration would be missing.

MJ is my Tiger Woods of music... Exciting, inspiring, mesmerizing, motivating, electric and talent-filled. I can't believe he is gone:(

Dear Michael,
You were a true gentleman with a soft heart. After all the negative things said, you will remain and leave our world, a kind soul and a legend. I will continue to watch your videos and hopefully one day share them with my children. I will listen to your music when I practice, travel, work, run, play and stay motivated. Despite the good, the bad and the ugly; Yesterday, today and forever, you are a hero and inspiration to me. I've never met you, but felt I knew you. I've never touched you, but you've moved me. I will love you forever .
Rest in peace. Xo.

My favorite song (if I had to pick one) is "Torture"... with a slide show to go with:) Enjoy...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Bethpage Game Face

What's is going Golf Crazies? I've been on the road trying to move mountains therefore, putting the Golf Couture blog to the side:( I feel like, "totally" bad about it, but I am soooo over it - and I think that like, you should get over it too... K?

SO... Let's talk about Tiger. I mean, WTF? The chip-in on 17 last week at the Memorial... Is he real? OMG! By far the 2nd most exciting chip-in, number 1 being the 16th hole at the Masters!!! ...minus the clumsy high-five with Steve-O:) LOL:)As we prepare for the 2009 Men's US Open at Bethpage Black in Bethpage New York... I ask myself... What am I going to wear?
What's that? Oh... yes, I am going. For how long? Oh... the entire week. With who? Professionals from the PGD roster. We are headed out to do a fabulous golf event, and enjoy the sights and sounds of the PGA Tour's finest.

So excited to see Tiger! (I am jumping up and down, screaming with fist pumps) Now that his leg is better I wonder how he is going to "bring it"? With the amount of work I've been doing, I've just fallen off the golf horse, but plan on getting focused and back in the saddle next week. Just like Tiger, I've got my Bethpage Game Face on!!!

Kinda wanna follow David Duval out there for a bit - Does he twitter?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Twitter-Dee or Twitter Dumb?

“I’d love it if players Twittered during the middle of a round,” Bivens said in an interview in New York. “The new media is very important to the growth of golf and we view it as a positive, and a tool to be used.”

I didn't wanna open my big mouth since that Time interview, so I had to let C-Biv take the mic first. I still haven't really honed in on my "twittering" skillz, but I understand the value of twitter on a social networking level... BUT - The idea to use it in a professional sport where you are supposed to stay focused? Hmmmm, not so much.

So like, are we gonna hear from Kobe now during time-outs in the playoffs? Never. Because...

The fact is, there is a line between fans and athletes that creates the "illusion and elite depth" of an athlete by the fan. Sure I'd like to hear from Christina Kim during her round, but at the cost of not taking her seriously! Athletes don't use their cell phones during competition or practice!!! Come on!  Athough it may increase "fan engagement", it will cost them legitimacy in the sportsworld. 

It is disrespectful if while watching an athlete to see him/her bust out the blackberry and text (twitter) the world during a game. This ain't social hour ladies... 

"If we’re going to get out of the collared shirts and khaki pants and make golf chic, hip, happening, Christina Kim is exactly the kind of player to reach out and make golf a lot more relevant.” - Carolyn Bivens

CONCLUSION: You can't get rid of khakis by twittering. It is going to take more than a mass text-message to eliminate collared shirts, and (if you haven't already) you probably should've gotten rid of your bad golf fashion during the MySpace era, right? Ha!


Monday, May 11, 2009

Tiger's Trauma ain't that Bad!

Geeeeeeeeeeez. The golf media needs to chill out dude! So Tiger didn't shoot 65 and make multiple eagles and give us the usual spectacular performance... neither did Cejka. Bad final round golf opened the door for Stenson to close the deal... although with -6 in the final round at TPC Sawgrass, you kinda kick the door open your-damn-self! Good Job Stenson, happy for you and Sweden buddy! Xo.

Note to Media: Tiger will snap out of it, it's called GOLF! "I kept spinning it to the right..." says Tiger, "but I got plenty of time to fix it." O'Hair was schooled by Tiger a few weeks ago and came back with a strong win soon after. Cejka will take this and run with it. You gotta fall so you know how to get up. Simple rule of life, business, relationships and golf. Is it me or is anyone else feeling Kelly Tilghman overload? Her hair looks good though:)!

Natalie Gulbis couldn't be at the Celebrity Apprentice finale:( She played well this week with a -9 finish at the Michelob in Virginia... but nobody is paying attention to that because the world revolves around Tiger...

Obviously, I know I am not the only one feeling lost and distraught? As much as I want to lay off and give him room... I want my Tiger back...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Tiger Commericial!

During the Nuggets and New Orleans NBA Playoff game last night, I saw the Tiger Woods Cartoon Commerical! So adorably adorable!!!:) After the Masters, it is hard to stay focused on golf!? I mean, seriously... It's NBA Playoffs... but it is good to see that the "Tiger Brand" has some good positioning! Tiger is so fabulous... Check it out!

Is that supposed to be Kelly Tilghman in the bushes? Sure sounds like her!...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Masters Weekend or Easter Weekend?

Good Easter to you! Just kicking back and figuring out how to use the whole "Twitter" deal while "Facebooking", watching the Masters, typing, talking on the phone and doing cartwheels;)

I'm going to hide Easter Eggs around the house where it is impossible to find them... and invite Jeev Milkha Singh over to find them because he ruined my Masters Pool by missing the cut and I thought he had a legitimate chance of taking home a green jacket. Jim Furyk is my runner-up, but Tiger is my #1.
SO... I know it's Easter... but why the heck am I really more excited about the Masters? Who timed this? Phil and Tiger are going to put on a show, and I am going to put on my fat pants (sweatpants) and eat my way through the day. Who's with me?

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

2009 Playboy Golf & Mansion

Hi Everyone! My fabulous sister, Seema, and I went to the 2009 Playboy Golf Finals in Los Angeles this past weekend. 'Twas a hoot and a holla!:) Disappointed that we missed out on Tiger's fierce victory at Bay Hill, we decided that we will make it up to him during the Masters! With all do respect, it's hard to focus on golf when it's March Madness and The Playboy Golf Finals!!!
The event was at Industry Hills Country Club, 2 courses, Ike and the Babe! Sick views and in great shape:) The minute we got there, Seema ran into the man of her dreams... Miles Austin, the Wide Reciever for the Dallas Cowboys. She was thrilled, and rightfully so! What a cutie-pah-tootie:)
Here is a shot of our group in the scramble. We played in 6-somes and our group was in the lead after the first day... -20 under par Sugar!!! Beat that! Our group rocked and playing from the red tees has its advantages;)
Lil'sis trying to hit it closer than Big sis... Sibling Rivalry... but we're on the same team...? Whatevs;)
The highlight of the round was hitting balls with Jose Canseco, who actually designs his own golf outfits:) How awesome is that?
Oh yeah, and the Finals Party is a Lingerie Party at the Playboy Mansion with all the sponsors and participants! I will leave it at that! Such a great time! For more information on how you can play in the Playboy Golf Finals, go to

Sunday, March 22, 2009

March Madness with the Quigley's!

We all know that Annika is pregnant and Phil Mickelson won at Doral... but let's be honest Golf Groupies, it's MARCH MADNESS up in here!!! ;)

Golf Couture has selected the "hottest" player on the PGA Tour in the month of March and requested his "Final Four" NCAA March Madness Basketball Picks! With back-to-back solid runner-up finishes at the Puerto Rico Open and Transitions Championship, Brett Quigley is our "Mr. March" pick!

Brett Quigley: "I have to go with all four number 1 seeds; UNC, UConn, Pittsburgh and Louisville, they've all been playing well and they're looking solid, so I expect them to all move into the final four."

When asked who B-Quigs thinks will win the national title? He picked UNC to take it all! Brett was a former South Carolina Gamecock, and feels he should stay close to home...

What you don't know... Devon Quigley (cousin of Brett) got a phone call from Brett asking him to come kick-it-with-cuz in Puerto Rico. Ummmmm... sure!?!!? Devon caddied for Brett in Puerto Rico for the first time, and left him on a HOT streak! WootWoot!

Devon Quigley: "Brett's a solid player especially when he's relaxed. He hit it great in Puerto Rico and made a great putt on 18 to tie for the lead. When we're on the course we talk about basketball, the Red Sox, and when we approach the shot, we deal with it, and then go back to just talking. Brett is 15 years older, but our personalities click, we're family."

Could Devon be Brett's lucky star? He got Brett feelin' the vibe in Puerto Rico? Devon definitely bestows a calming effect... In fact, I watched some March Madness games with him this weekend in Vegas and we were on a roll! So like, could that luck have been passed on to me? If so, I'm takin' my chances... I got MIZZOU in my bracket! Go Tigers!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Comedian Brian Regan talks Golf

Hi Golf Enthusiasts!
A good friend of the Golf Couture Family introduced me to a Mr. Brian Regan. He could quite possibly be one of the funniest people in the world! Here he is talking about enjoying watching golf, but claims that "bird sounds" are being artificially simulated into live golf broadcasts... check it out! Really Funny stuff!!!

This guy is great... isn't he folks? Good times...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tiger Travel

So like, how do you get to a golf tournament? There are several different ways... rental car, airplane, your own car, bus, scooter? Who really cares how you get there... basically I got an email from someone, who knew someone, that knew someone that lives in Miami and saw Tiger's Yacht parked outside from their condo front and center... HOT. This week Tiger tees it up at Doral for the CA World Golf Championships and we are looking forward to a first-class performance from T-Dub. So exciting!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

This Weekend...

Accenture Match Play didn't turn out the way I confidently predicted. Let's just say we had to "cancel my Mimosa and Cartwheel party" cuz Tim Clark spanked Tiger from the get. What do I do with all the party hats and whistles?

Even still, Tiger is the number 7 searched figure on this morning. The Tiger/Golf Channel remains excited and tomorrow will be a great day!


Geoff Ogilvy: Looking strong, good win against McIllroy. So clutch and has the most winning experience... The hottest of the final four - and isn't afraid to rock pink:)
Paul Casey: Solid this week. Great player and always has been, but still doesn't stand out in my mind? He seems to be breezing through? I want to pinch his cheeks:)

Stewart Cink: Always so smiley! He is too sweet! I want to pinch his cheeks too!!!
Ross Fisher: "Where you be hidin at?" This guy has great hair and is a little secret hottie! He finished T-13th at the Dubai Desert Classic a few weeks back... This will be a great match!

Championship Winner: Ogilvy

... but then again, we thought Tiger was going to DESTROY!!!?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Guess Who's Bizack?

Tiga Woods Y'all - Tiga Woods Y'all - Tiga - Tiga - Tiga Woods Y'all! Woot Woot! Yeagahhh! Can I chant and cheer some more, cuz I can go on all day! Tiger Woods makes his comeback this week and the world is MORE THAN ready.

It's match play to start 2009:) Tiger will be up against #64 world-ranked 34 year old - Australian, Brenden Jones, in the first round of the Accenture Match Play Championship. It's the totally perfect comeback strategy Big Tigger!

Brenden Jones: "Obviously, being 64 in the world, I'm going to be playing No. 1, 2 or 3. But I've come a long way. If I'm going to get beat by anybody, I would like to get beat by Tiger." Do I sniff a forfeit Brenden?

The sponsors that got a "discount" is promotional advertising because of the "economy" are now "excited" because they hit the "jackpot"! You feel me on that one? Who knew?

Accenture Match Play Party with Cartwheels and Mimosas at my crib all weekend long Girlfriend!

Image: Associated Press

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Andrew Magee is actually Funny?

Hey Kids! Our good friend Andrew Magee over at the Golf Channel was doin' a little commentating at the FBR in PHX. To clarify... the tournament where all the college kids get "drunk n' rowdy" and apparently... wear inappropriate T-shirts with cool statements on them!

While "shootin' the golf breeze" and putting the Golf Channel audience in a semi-coma during yet another broadcast, Andrew says to Gary McCord that he sees a t-shirt that reads "I got kicked out of the Boy Scouts for eating a Brownie." (Hahahaha! Good find Andrew! Almost wanna take you to the flea market with me!)

Yahoo Sports' "Devil Ball Golf's" Jay Busbee says: "Why do we assume it's a sexually suggestive remark? Could be about cannibalism, not that that's any better."

Dear Jay: WTF? BECAUSE he got kicked out of the BOY SCOUTS - the female equivalent to "Boy Scout" is a BROWNIE! The shirt wouldn't be as funny (or need mention the boy scout) if we were talkin' 'bout a POT BROWNIE... duhhhhh! - except to Michael Phelps;) LMAO:)

Good Heavens Jay!
Like seriously, do I have to do all the perverted thinking around here!?
Get your very own funny t-shirt to wear at PGA Tour events at - this is the closest one we could find!!! :) Holla Back!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Charlie Axel Woods

Big sister Sam has some company as Charlie Axel Woods - What a ROCK STAR name! - was welcomed into the world on Sunday night. I'm sure he is as cute as a button! So exciting!

Golf Channel's Mercer Baggs says: "Everyone knows Tiger has been playing the fiddle since he was 4-months-old and idolizes Charlie Daniels. What's less known, however, is that Woods and Guns N' Roses front man Axel Rose are very tight."

Dear Mercer:
Well aren't you Mr. Tiger Woods Trivia! Ummm, I'm sorry but... I clearly must be living under a rock cuz I did NOT know that Tiger played the fiddle, but - thanks to you Mr. Baggs - I do now!!! I know who Axel Rose "actually" is, and that is good enough for me!

Congrats Tiger, Elin and Sam on a healthy and happy baby boy:)


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Magic of McIlroy

A dream come true for a young man from Northern Ireland only 19 years old. The youngest player EVER to win on the European Tour with his victory at the Dubai Desert Classic. Currently at 16th in the World Rankings, look out world, it's Rory McIlroy! "I think I have to reassess my goals now," McIlroy said. "But I go into every week with the same mind-set. ... As long as I do that, I am happy.

Turning Pro on September 19, 2007, this young man took it deep at the British Open at Carnoustie where he was T-3 after a solid first round of 68... and finished up nicely placing T-42.

I think we have a lot to look forward to from this young man, he's just the energy and inspiration men's golf needs right now! Superb Golf and an Irish accent;) Sweet.

Image: THE ASSOCIATED PRESS/Kamran Jebreili

Monday, February 2, 2009

Phelps goes Bongo!

In the latest sports news, Steelers win the Superbowl, Images of the Olympic Dolphin, Micheal Phelps, surface of him takin' a bong rip, Kenny Perry wins the FBR, Nadal beats Federer to win the 2009 Australian Open, and its too early to "really" care about basketball:)

"Whoops-a-daisy!" We were all wondering what he was doing to kill time since the Olympics aren't for another 4 years? He should really take up golf...

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tina Miller & Kim Kardashian's Engagements

The drop-dead-gorgeous Tina Miller, (who is also a BFF of mine:), has a lot going for her these days! She's the new face of Powerbuilt Golf, their infomercial is to be aired on the Golf Channel this year, and Tina is a host.

A special day is coming up in a few weeks, as Tina is preparing to marry the love of her life, who happens to be the studly Carolina Panther kicker, Mr. Rhys Lloyd! Yes ladies, he has an british accent!

Only Golf Couture would have a picture of the hot n' happy couple sharing a smoochie-smooch in the Panther locker room, compliments of Limelight Photography!
Tina and I commonly refer to eachother as the "Paris and Kim of Golf" (Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian)...Ummm, on that note - I was sifting through and found that my homegirl/fashion icon is "possibly" engaged to NFL BF Reggie Bush? Check out the ring bling Kim's wearing! Could it be?
Congrats and Happy Birthday to you Tina! "Paris... we need to talk!"

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ashley Prange's Bachelorette

This past weekend was dedicated to celebrating Ashley Prange's recent engagement to Mr. Brian Snyder (a handsome and strapping up and coming Major League Baseball Star!) It was a wonderful time in Las Vegas with fellow golf-mates from the LPGA and the Duramed Futures Tour. Attendettes included LPGA Rookie Jessica Shepley, Futures Tour players current and former, Seema Sadekar, Amber Prange, Ashley Gomes, Brenda McClarnon and some of Ashley's cutest and closest buds! FYI, The lovely and hilarious Brenda McLarnon will also be making her TV debut on the Golf Channel's PEI: Big Break in May.

Totally the Best Part: The Bachelorette Party had coincidentally tied in the same weekend as the of the 2009 Miss America Pageant Competition, so everywhere we went with our "Bachelorette Sashes" (seen above) - people thought we were apart of it ...and we went right along with the notoriety;)

Amazing Time! Congrats to the beautiful Ms. Ashley Prange! :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Tiger speaks at Inauguration

Tiga Tiga Tiga Woods Y'all!

A hero on so many levels, he took the stage yesterday during the "We are One" concert outside the Lincoln Memorial, alongside several other notable figures for Barack Obama's long-awaited Inauguration.

Associated Press: Woods has been as apolitical as they come, keeping his views firmly to himself during his rise to become the world's top golfer. It was only after Obama's election in November that Woods expressed his excitement over "a person of color in the White House."

"I am the son of a man who dedicated his life to his country, family and the military, and I'm a better person for it," Woods said referring to his late father, Earl Woods, who did two tours during the Vietnam War with the U.S. Army Special Forces, "always stand by and support the men and women in uniform and their families."

I wonder if Barack and Tiger had some time to tee-it-up at Congresssional Country Club, where Tiger hosts the AT& T National, a new PGA Tour event in July in Bethesda Maryland, just outside of DC? .....Wouldn't it be fun to play in a threesome with Tiger and Barack? Two of my all time faves!
(AP Photo/Danny Moloshok, file)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Adam Scott & Kate Hudson Beach Date

Australian Golf Hotness, Adam Scott and blonde/funny actress Kate Hudson, were spotted in Maui "canoodling, dining together". Some tattle-tale told the media that they were "flirting electronically" together prior to their beach date? Duh! Obviously!

According to Scott said this about his "Beach Date": "I'm not here with her but I know Kate. We met here [for the first time]. We have a mutual friend so we met through him." Who's the mutual friend? Is he the same guy that told the reporters that they were "flirting electronically"? BTW, "flirting electronically" is top 5 dumbest things i've ever heard, FYI peoples!

Me so confuse! Why can't 2 people be friends on the beach? Or why can't 2 rich/hot/famous people be JUST friends on the beach? What are we really asking?

Kate has a booger. But she does a good job of hiding it when Adam looks away - too soon in the relationship to show eachother your boogers!!!:)

Credit: KKP; Photos: Fame Pictures

Monday, January 12, 2009

Lorena's Engaged!

Lorena Ochoa's Engaged! Congratulations! An amazing feeling has come over all of us here at Golf Couture:)

What does he do? He is the CEO & Chairman of AeroMexico, a current sponsor of the Mexican Golf Superstar...

What is Aeromexico? AeroMexico, is the global airline of Latin America. Recently it announced expansion into its North American operations, with new service to Toronto, Canada, San Francisco and Denver in early 2009. Daily and non-stop flights to Mexico City, with connecting service to 40 destinations throughout Mexico and cities in 12 other countries in Latin America, Europe and Asia make Aeromexico a great choice! We could all use a trip to Mexico!!!

Here's a cute pic of the lovebirds together: Too cute:)

According to the The Golf Girl - Patricia Hannigan (Golf Couture Mentor): "According to Quién, the bi-weekly Mexican magazine, Andres Conesa Labastida, the handsome CEO of Aeroméxico, proposed to Lorena during a romantic European trip in December. They plan to marry at the end of this year."

I wanna see the ring ladies! He seems like he wouldn't try and "cut back" because of the "economy":) Just a random thought!!! Older and Wiser;) Good Work Sweetie!

Annika Ties the Knot

Congrats to Annika Sorenstam for getting married to long-time "BF" (slang for boyfriend/signifigant other) and somewhat of a manager of her brand and products, Mr. Mike McGee! How cute and wonderful!!!

She obviously looked drop-dead gorgeous - the most beautiful I've ever seen Annika look! Even though she hasn't been swinging the clubs, it looks as though she is still pumping iron in the gym! Go ahead girlfriend! Practicing for Dancing with Stars huh? I have this hunch?

The Honeymoon: A ski trip. Perfect, she gets to leave the clubs at home and bring only sweaters and cocoa:) Her and Mike are going to cuddle up by a warm fire on a furry rug in a Colassal Christmas Cabin made of maple wood and cherry oak... I'm guessing:)
Congrats to you both!
Image: Getty Images, Lena Hyde

Saturday, January 10, 2009

VTech Client Golf Party

At the 2009 Las Vegas VTech Client Party for CES (Consumer Electronic Show), their creative staff had 3 of their 2009 golf stars attend. Nintendo Wii's were set up on flat screens at the Palms Hotel & Casino in a stylish and private vip room. Over 200 Clients and friends enjoyed challenging the VTech Ladies to a crowd enthused game of golf! VTech Ladies that attended from left to right, 2009 VTech newcomer and LPGA star Karen Stupples, Canadian All-Star Alena Sharp and Indian Golf Hotness Seema Sadekar. Try to challenge these ladies with a poker face!

Besides being an amazing and stylish phone company with an incredible staff, VTech is also a proud sponsor of several professional female golfers on the LPGA Tour.
From Left to Right - 2008 LPGA Team, Amy Hung, Marcy Hart, Alena Sharp, Christina Kim & Becky Morgan. VTech also works with Seema Sadekar on the Duramed Futures Tour and CN Canadian Tour, representing in style.

You might have VTech phones around your house, see their sleek designs used in movies by the stars, walk through Best Buy or Walgreens and catch the modern VTech design. Their trademarked line for all their electronic devices, "designed to fit your home, and your life." Nice! For more information on VTech and its products visit

Swing hard in case you hit it!:)