Monday, January 12, 2009

Annika Ties the Knot

Congrats to Annika Sorenstam for getting married to long-time "BF" (slang for boyfriend/signifigant other) and somewhat of a manager of her brand and products, Mr. Mike McGee! How cute and wonderful!!!

She obviously looked drop-dead gorgeous - the most beautiful I've ever seen Annika look! Even though she hasn't been swinging the clubs, it looks as though she is still pumping iron in the gym! Go ahead girlfriend! Practicing for Dancing with Stars huh? I have this hunch?

The Honeymoon: A ski trip. Perfect, she gets to leave the clubs at home and bring only sweaters and cocoa:) Her and Mike are going to cuddle up by a warm fire on a furry rug in a Colassal Christmas Cabin made of maple wood and cherry oak... I'm guessing:)
Congrats to you both!
Image: Getty Images, Lena Hyde