Friday, October 30, 2009

50 Cent is in Lakeland Florida Homies!

Yo check it! So Elena Kurokawa and Grace Woo, former UNLV Running Rebels and current Golf Hotties, were in Lakeland Florida for Duramed Futures Tour Q-school and just wanted to fill their Chevy Cobalt Rental with gas! Little did they know that they were going to bump into the G-Unit Creator/Wangsta himself... 50 CENT!

So Grace spotted him on his cell and immediately informed Elena that it was him. Elena was like "Oh my gosh Gracey, no it's not." To which Grace responded "Yes it is!" and then started screaming. I couldn't help but wonder... What if they were in a Pontiac and drinking Vitamin Water?

So they went over and asked his 5-man entourage if they could have a picture. The one guy, who we now think is head of 50-Cent's "posse", told them "no". He was obviously jealous that 2 hot asian-golfing-goddesses didn't want a picture with him. (LOSER!) Elena and Grace never gave up, "Please. Please. (5 second pause) Why not? Please?" they persisted.

All of a sudden... there was a knock coming from inside the vehicle. (Not the Cobalt, the Yukon) Fiddy was waving them over to his window for a pic! "HIP HIP HOORAY!" Elena and Grace cheered:)
50 was really busy on his phone and didnt have time to chit chat and talk about his next album or nuthin. He just smiled and tickled them like little Pillsbury dough boys!

"I used to think he was cute. Now I am obsessed! I love 50 cent!" Said Elena as she drove out of the "Raceway" gas station on her way to Huntington Hills Golf Club for the Duramed Futures Tour Qualifying practice round. The tournament starts on Monday November 2 - Friday November 6, 2009.

Best of luck ladies! Oh and it was Grace's Birthday yesterday too! "Go shawty, it's yo' Birfday!" Xo.