Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Andrew Magee is actually Funny?

Hey Kids! Our good friend Andrew Magee over at the Golf Channel was doin' a little commentating at the FBR in PHX. To clarify... the tournament where all the college kids get "drunk n' rowdy" and apparently... wear inappropriate T-shirts with cool statements on them!

While "shootin' the golf breeze" and putting the Golf Channel audience in a semi-coma during yet another broadcast, Andrew says to Gary McCord that he sees a t-shirt that reads "I got kicked out of the Boy Scouts for eating a Brownie." (Hahahaha! Good find Andrew! Almost wanna take you to the flea market with me!)

Yahoo Sports' "Devil Ball Golf's" Jay Busbee says: "Why do we assume it's a sexually suggestive remark? Could be about cannibalism, not that that's any better."

Dear Jay: WTF? BECAUSE he got kicked out of the BOY SCOUTS - the female equivalent to "Boy Scout" is a BROWNIE! The shirt wouldn't be as funny (or need mention the boy scout) if we were talkin' 'bout a POT BROWNIE... duhhhhh! - except to Michael Phelps;) LMAO:)

Good Heavens Jay!
Like seriously, do I have to do all the perverted thinking around here!?
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