Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Bethpage Game Face

What's is going Golf Crazies? I've been on the road trying to move mountains therefore, putting the Golf Couture blog to the side:( I feel like, "totally" bad about it, but I am soooo over it - and I think that like, you should get over it too... K?

SO... Let's talk about Tiger. I mean, WTF? The chip-in on 17 last week at the Memorial... Is he real? OMG! By far the 2nd most exciting chip-in, number 1 being the 16th hole at the Masters!!! ...minus the clumsy high-five with Steve-O:) LOL:)As we prepare for the 2009 Men's US Open at Bethpage Black in Bethpage New York... I ask myself... What am I going to wear?
What's that? Oh... yes, I am going. For how long? Oh... the entire week. With who? Professionals from the PGD roster. We are headed out to do a fabulous golf event, and enjoy the sights and sounds of the PGA Tour's finest.

So excited to see Tiger! (I am jumping up and down, screaming with fist pumps) Now that his leg is better I wonder how he is going to "bring it"? With the amount of work I've been doing, I've just fallen off the golf horse, but plan on getting focused and back in the saddle next week. Just like Tiger, I've got my Bethpage Game Face on!!!

Kinda wanna follow David Duval out there for a bit - Does he twitter?