Wednesday, August 27, 2008

English for LPGA Dollars

"I have watched LPGA Pro-Ams and seen the stereotype: Four cigar-chomping, middle-aged American men saying hello to a 22-year-old South Korean woman who bows at the introduction on the first tee. There are smiles but very few words exchanged over the next five and a half hours after which the men scratch their heads and wonder why their foursome paid $10,000 for little or no conversation. " Brian Hewitt, Golf Channel

First of all - Play Golf Designs Inc. is a fix to that problem, like 2 years ago:) Hewitt and the rest of the golf world is reporting that the LPGA is cracking down on foreigners not being able to communicate with the media/sponsors/yadayada in English. LPGA called a mandatory meeting last Wednesday to discuss the 411 (code word for info) of this policy.

Note 1: LPGA consists of 121 international players from 26 countries, including 45 players from South Korea.
Note 2: LPGA is denying that this is a stunt to maintain and salvage sponsors in a struggling ecomomy, saying that they are stronger than before. Come on!
Note to LPGA: Hello? If you are going to make a "policy" then at least justify it - or you are leaving room for speculation. These 121 players are your bread and butter... obviously, or you wouldn't put a "policy" in order.

They should have announced a Glorious"5-Star English Program" designed specifically for all foriegn players, endorsed by Rosetta Stone... Rumor has it that players are going to have to start taking a test to pass ... or else...

In other news, here is what is interesting to me: Kim Kardashian is going to be on next seasons' "Dancing with the Stars". I think Annika should do it next season since she is going to put to stix up for a bit. It would be good for the game:)