Saturday, August 16, 2008

Gulbis gives Kerr "Sexiest Golfer" Title

According to the Ottawa Sun, a Canadian newspaper, Natalie Gulbis gave Christie Kerr "The Sexiest Golfer" Title. Ummmmm... No.

As much as I like Christie Kerr and her super-cocky-'tude - I'm not sure she can claim that title. Kerr has earned a "sexy golfer" role - "Respek" -Ali G - No doubt she's cute... but sexiest? One of the sexiest?

It's no secret that Christie and Natalie are like, total BFF's (best friends forever). BFF's have to give BFF's "shout outs", but friendship aside...

Note to Natalie: Obviously you can't tell the media that YOU are the sexiest, so the humble/cordial thing to do is claim your BFF.

I think that in a head-to-head match in terms of "sexy" Christie Kerr would lose to SEVERAL LPGA ladies... that's just me, and I am usually right all of the time. Just ask me...