Saturday, August 30, 2008

Olympic Golf Pride

Poor Golf:( No Olympics for you! Maybe in 2016? I'm taking a shot in the dark here when I say there are probably more "runners" and "gymnasts" than "golfers" around the globe - but isn't every golf tournament like Golf Olympics?

On the tee from America, Tiger Woooooods!!! ... On the tee from Canada, Mike Weeeeeir!!! ...

The Ryder Cup and The Presidents Cup would have to give birth to The Olympic Cup... I'm not a genius, (but sometimes I think I am, because I can put together a kick-a** outfit and do my hair in like, 15 mins) but I'm reading golf writers bash the Beijing Olympics for denying golf.

Note: What's the diff? It's not everyday you see beach volleyball and the 400 meter dash on NBC Prime Time with 5-hour coverage. Let random sports that don't have a shot in hell of making "year-round weekend coverage" get the spotlight for 2-3 weeks, once every 4 years.

I could never have enough "Retief Goosen" in my life, but he can take a backseat to "Michael Phelps'" butterfly for a week or two;) How else am I gonna Spice Up MY Sports Life"? ;)