Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hot Scott On the Market

ATTENTION LADIES: Adam Scott is Single and free to Mingle!!!

I was going through my emails and I got my weekly Golf Channel email blast with a headline saying that Kenny Perry had pulled out of the PGA with an eye injury. (ok... so what else is going on?) As I scanned deeper into the email I find an article heading "Illness, break-up affecting Scott" - OMG!

According to the New York Times: “It’s a very difficult thing, a major lifestyle change,” Scott said about the breakup. “When you are sharing homes for seven years, it has a big effect.”

Note to Adam: Why don't you just hop into your brand new 630i BMW, bump the new Lil'Wayne album, and just chillax. Listen, I can possibly move in with you for a bit if my schedule permits.

The New York Times says that his girlfriend, Marie Kojzar (pictured above), decided to end their relationship. "There had been sporadic online rumors of the couple’s breaking up two years ago, but none accompanied the actual split in April."

I'm sure that Adam won't have a problem jumping on the single-wagon and riding the dating scene, a man like Adam should be passed around like a hot potato on a second grade camping trip, thank goodness that Marie understands this matter.

Kudos to Marie for being a good sport and setting Adam free like an exotic caged bird in the summertime.