Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Adam-Scottie McHottie

Adam Scott. Wow. He's pretty nifty on and off the course. The sexy-stubble and sideway smile is a plus, making the "tall, dark and handsome package" especially appealing...

I'd like to tip my beret to Adam Scott and his endorsement deal with Burberry Golf. They are trendy, classy and they have found their guy. Adam always looks crisp on the course, and we have Burberry to thank.

I remember being in a high-end pro shop and trying on a pair of size 4 Burberry pants. The fit was very small, I could barely get them over my a**.  The Burberry fit is slightly smaller than the average fit, FYI.

Recently nominated as Golf Channel's Sexiest Golf Professional, I speak for all the ladies when I say that he should venture into a Burberry photo spread with less clothing.  As they say in marketing, "less is more".