Sunday, July 20, 2008

Exposed as a "Dairy Queen"

OMG! How can this be? Forgetting to sign her scorecard is Michelle Wie?

Just when the most talented and criticized player in the game is about to have a giant comeback and slap the world in the face with her first LPGA Win - She gets Dairy Queened (disqualified). I'd prefer to focus on 2nd year LPGA player Ji Young Oh's first victory, or the exquisite Anna Rawson's final round of 66 - but I am left dwelling on "Michelle's Mistake".

Wie doesn't sign her scorecard after Friday's round, where she's 1 off the lead. She steps outside the "scoring area" and is signing autographs for fans, until the "scorers" realize that she hasn't signed her scorecard. She gets the DQ news after a brilliant 67 (5-under) round on Saturday finishing at 17-under, just 1 shot back of Yani Tseung (2008 LPGA McDonalds Champion).

Hmmmmm.... Do I dare ask: What if the LPGA disqualified Wie on Friday? Would that have changed ticket sales for Sunday? Could it have effected the weekend hype going into Saturday? Or did the LPGA really need a full day to analyze the exact details and precise series of events all day Saturday while Wie put on a "free" phenominal display of golf?

I got wind of the DQ instantly on a flashing ESPN bulletin and told myself "NO" 27 times while pacing the room with my sidekick in one hand and diet coke in the other.

Was the situation pushed beyond its limit to hype the event and the LPGA by way of exposing Wie? (once again)

Yes, Michelle didn't sign her scorecard (on FRIDAY), but I question the reasoning of her completion and participation in Saturday's round, and that's just me.