Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Michelle Wie's "Clothing Game"

We all had our doubts about Michelle Wie playing in the Women's US Open, blah blah blah. Still, out of the endless amounts of blow-up qualifiers, she made it through and earned her right to be there. Not by fluke either, she carded rounds of 70 & 67, on 2 different courses on the same day. The final qualifier is 36 holes, so lets not point fingers just yet. Aside from the 9 (whoooops) she made during the first round, she played average. I know we expect alot from her and I am sure she does the same.

Whatever we may say, Michelle Wie is gifted and always looks super. Her body is perfect for any fit, and I would personally like to thank her for wearing extra short skirts last year. She brought "tight" clothing onto the scene with a bang. Thank you Michelle:) You have allowed women everywhere to take a deep breath, put down the pleated khakis... and throw on a bright n' tight short skort (skirt + short = skort) with any golf top.

Kudos to Nike for helping to break the boring "golf bottoms" mold. She even makes the "not so cute" Nike outfits (and there are plenty of them) look cute. I am totally TEAM MICHELLE, it has to be hard having the shameless media build you up and break you down repeatedly.

Here's the Deal: She's young, she's cute, she's rich and the world wants to watch her play... whether she plays well or falls apart. She always looks beautiful and definately has a bright n' promising future. You know what they say, "They may call me names, but at least they call me!"