Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Butch "Drama" Harmon

Professional athletes go through rough phases with "Coach". As a coach, you've got to be able to communicate with your player, period. Mr. Harmon avoids confrontation by causing drama and taking cheap shots. Harmon recently broke news to Daly - via media, (aka - I'm too much of a high-school mean girl to say it to your face) that he would not be working with him anymore and layed assumed personal matters on the media buffet table. Rule 1#: Don't talk smack about your player:)
Here's a quick golf tip for Butch:

Put the Bushnell's in your locker, stay after school and take an extra credit class on the basic "Fundamentals" of respect from the guidance councelor.

If Butch had a problem with JD, he should've told him to his face. John's had some issues, haven't we all? Don't run your players' names through the dirt. (telephone ring) Ummm... Hello Butch? Is anyone home? Don't forget who's helping you butter your bread, k? If I was Daly, I would roll gangsta too and issue a public warning for Butch "Drama" Harmon (aka chatty cathy) to stay as far away as possible. As a professional you've got to feel for John, we've all experienced a fall-out with a coach or a mentor - not fun. If Butch really "cared" about John he could have consoled him privately versus shrewdly exposing him. This is worse than Madonna denying A-Rod on ESPN! There is no escaping it... You feel me? So what if you got Adam & Phil - You lost Tiger and pi**ed off John! TEAM DALY.