Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Embarassment at it's Peak!

Today I set my alarm to make sure that I had my Starbucks in hand to watch "The Tiger Woods Press Conference" live streaming on TMZ in addition to simultaneous live CNN Coverage on the tube.

I thought it was clever of him to time this the way he did, Accenture got a pinch on the butt-cheeks:)

I then proceeded to work all day and listen to CNN "babble on" and "break down" the "Tiger Woods breaks his Silence Conference". It's still shockingly awkward and uncomfortable to hear the media talk about Tiger Woods and Golf. THE BEST was CNN interviewing Nick Faldo?! WTF?! Hahahaha... that is like taking AA recovery tips from a drunk! How soon we forget how Faldo's ex smashed his beloved Porche with a 7-iron... I am SOOO over this hypocritical mess that is making a mockery of my sport.

I officially feel bad for Tiger, and although he may have "deserved" to be "punished"... Having a porn star who looks like the Wendy's chick "all-grown-up" crying her eyes out talkin' bout how she wants Tiger to apologize to her when he's trying to apologize to the world? How embarrassing!!!

Your 5 minutes of fame is up. Move on ladies...