Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Appleby calls Daly "Train Wreck" & GM X's Tiger

Everyone loves to talk smack about John Daly! Perhaps it's the only way to get your "name in the news" if you're Stewart Appleby, and no one cares that you're ranked 35th in the world? Maybe if you updated your visors from the 90's Stewart darling?

According to ESPN Golf: "John Daly is unique," Appleby said. "As players, we only wish that he put a little bit more time into his game and less time into ruining his personal life. He would be a draw card, not just a freak card, because he's so gifted it's a joke."

Golf Couture: Dear Stewart, can you say "harsh"? I mean c'mon you bandwagon rider! Sure, Daly is havin' some probs, but how 'bout some words of positivity? Reach out to him bruh, since he's in your "wishes" and all... I wish my body looked like Britney Spears' in the "I'm a slave for you" video, and so I'm on the treadmill for that extra mile and eat plain oatmeal for breakfast (yuck!).

Appleby continues via "I'm not quite sure how that works. I guess he's a walking train wreck and unfortunately, people turn their heads to watch the train wreck."

Golf Couture: You're almost right Stewie, except when you folded up like cheap lawn furniture at the Masters and Players Championship, cameras turned heads away and didn't air your "train wreck"? Hmmmmmmm... Harsh!

Top News: On a lighter and fluffier note, GM will drop it's 7-million dollar endorsement deal with Mr. Tiger Woods, aka Mr. Hot Birdie Machine! Something tells me he will manage just fine...