Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Golfin' Obama!

I was on, just "youtoobing" random things - because when you are single and in your 20's, that is what you do these days... and I find Obama (aka "HOT LEFTY") golfing in Honolulu!~Woot Woot! Just when I thought he was too good to be true, he reassures me that he is! Now if he'll only reconsider higher-taxes for the small-business:)... but that's a whole new blog sweetie!

Click here to see: Obama Golfing's Brent Kelly writes these Golfing Tidbits:

... In June, after clinching the Democratic presidential nomination, Obama played golf in the Chicago area with a few campaign aides.

"They went to a golf course, and they swung golf clubs," campaign spokesman Robert Gibbs said on MSNBC's Morning Joe. "But I don't think it was real pretty."

Of the past 17 United States presidents, USA Today says, 14 were golfers. Only Herbert Hoover, Jimmy Carter and Harry Truman were not golfers. Two bad presidents and one great one.

I will leave you on this note...