Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cop, Bartender, Transexual & Long Drive Champion

Who says Golf is boring? From cop to bartender to transvestite to long-drive champion. Should we call on Ace-Ventura for this one?'s James Achenbach: "The new women's world champion in the event (re/max long drive) is a 55-year-old bartender who used to be a man. Although golf is a sport largely without controversy, the reign of long-drive queen Lana Lawless, (formerly Larry Nivens) who lives in Palm Springs, Calif., is expected to be neither tranquil nor uneventful." Easy there Achenbach...!?

Lana Lawless: "In Palm Springs, I'm like celebrity central," she said, "Hey, I carry myself well, I'm well-spoken, I'm funny as hell. I fit in with a world that is expanding its acceptance."

To keep things in a random perspective, Paul Hunn is interestingly enough also a celebrity in his hometown of Enfield, North London, holding the record for the loudest burp. 'Twas a burp of 104.9 decibels (about as loud as an airplane taking off). He trains by eating curries and kebabs and drinking fizzy drinks.

ESPN: "In 2005, the USGA approved transgender involvement in competition." Cool.

Golf Couture: I'd rather read Lana Lawless's autobiography before Sarah Palin's 7-million dollar autobiography. Donuts, Vodka, Breast Implants and Golf!
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