Thursday, October 16, 2008

ADT drops LPGA & Madonna drops Ritchie

In The News, ADT pulls the plug on the LPGA Tour and Madonna will divorce her husband, Guy Ritchie. At least we know that the economy isn't effecting both matters? ...or does it?

Golf World's Ron Sirak: The $1 million first prize ADT Championship, the first event fully owned by the LPGA, has lost the title sponsor for the season-ending event after this year's competition in November. Currently, the ADT is played at Trump International in West Palm Beach, Florida.
LPGA Comissioner, Carolyn Bivens: "The next 30 to 45 days is a critical time," she said "in this economy, until you have a signed contract nothing is buttoned up." Hmmmm, facinating yet intriguing at once...
UK Times Online: The pop singer (Madonna) is reported not to have signed a pre-nuptial agreement with Guy Ritchie, which might have helped to limit his ultimate payout.
Every Pop Culture Media Outlet: Madonna wants out of marriage... no pre-nup? Does A-Rod have a chance to reclaim his "soul mate"? Or will we, like broken-hearted Cynthia Rodriguez, have to sit back and wait until the "Sticky & Sweet" Madonna Power Concert Tour comes to an end to find out? In the meantime, will A-Rod be a face in the concert crowd, now that baseball season is done for the Yankees? All these questions!!! I can't wait for next week's In Touch cover!
AHA! Perhaps Bivens and Madonna could get together and exchange advice in regards to long-term contractual agreements between partners? Or Maybe Madonna can sponsor the ADT? Justin Timberlake helped the PGA Tour salvage their Las Vegas venue? Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock... We only got 4 minutes to Save the World!