Friday, October 31, 2008

JD Hooters Overload

Whoops-a-Daly! John Daly had a bit too much to drink at the ever classy "Hooters" establishment in Salem, North Carolina.

AOL Sports: Daly was held in custody Sunday after police said he was drunk off his arse in a Winston-Salem, NC restaurant.(Hooters)

Police officers were called at 2:17 a.m. to the Hooters at 120 Hanes Square Circle on a medical call. When officers arrived, Daly, who had earlier lost consciousness, was being treated by EMS. Daly "appeared extremely intoxicated and uncooperative," police stated in a news release. Daly refused to be escorted to the hospital and was eventually asked to leave the restaurant by workers there.
JD clearly has some issues that he must deal with. He should give good ol' Britney Spears a ring-a-ling and ask for some rehab advice. Even Britney can't believe that JD is still throwin' down like he's a 24 year-old pop star! Daly is 42 years old (not 24) and has some work to do. Rumor has it he was selling his signed knick-knacks for some quick cash... yikes, even Brit wouldn't go there!