Friday, September 5, 2008

D-Listed: LPGA

Associated Press: California State Senator, Leland Yee is questioning whether the extremely annoying, tactful, yet miserable new LPGA policy is breaking any laws or is violating basic discrimination policies in the workplace.

Good News for the LPGA and the new policy isn't coming easy. Yikes... How is Carolyn Bivens sleeping at night? As if the LPGA needs any more drama now. This situation puts the LPGA on the D-List.

Golf Channel: "If the lawyers see a possible federal violation, Yee said he will turn that finding over to California’s congressional delegation." Geeeeeez. Whatever that means, it sounds serious:( I'll keep it simple for you...
The LPGA is like J-Lo's career: J-Lo moved from D-List to A-list with bad decisions followed by good ones! Great songs, jaw-dropping videos, unique fashion styles, amazing choreography and catchy beats... This is just a "P.Diddy" after party gone bad or a "Gigli" performance by the LPGA. Hopefully the post-break-up media mess with Ben Affleck (policy nightmare) goes over well and the LPGA finds it's Marc Anthony (happy ending with better policy and image:)
Good News: The LPGA will bounce back with time:)