Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Fed-Ex Cup Apology

Today at the Post Office, I paid $46.57 to send a 3-page client contract and image CD to Miami within a 48-hour period. It made me wonder...

Am I paying ungodly mailing amounts so that FedEx can sponsor the PGA Tour in the most absurd fashion? In the last 2 years, FedEx Cup Winners have been established before year end... at my expense?

I'd like to meet the Fed-Einstein that came up with the FedEx Cup Concept, Was he on his 5th Kettle-Tonic when he thought he'd come up with something better than The Bullet Blender? 20-Milli (plus all the bells and whistles) is a lot to clear for a "not so great" idea that has failed back2back on the PGA Tour.
I think that Fed Ex owes me an apology: I don't want a ring like Kobe gave Vanessa after he came back from Colorado!
...A White Bentley (Driver, 24' Rims included) and the 2009 Gucci Shoe n' Bag collection for my Vegas Bash at The Palms Hugh Hefner Suite with J-Lo & Mariah:) Oh... and Rod Stewart too... Oh one more thing Mr. FedEx, can the Entourage Cast come too? Pleeeeeease??? YAY! Woot Woot! Let the 2007 & 2008 suspense rollover (like Cingular minutes) into The 2009 FedEx Cup... Party at the Palms:)