Monday, September 22, 2008

Hwanhee hugs OJ

LPGA's Hwanhee Lee was on her way to church last week with her parents, going about her routine Sunday prayers. "Make me a good person and give me the ability to golf like Tiger Woods." She'd just returned to Vegas (where she resides) from LA, and was preparing for Q-School. Randall Cunningham (former UNLV Football and NFL legend), church leader, asked everyone in attendance to turn to their neighbor and give them a "hug":)

Hwanhee turned to her father on her right, embracing him with love. She hugged the lady with frizzy hair in front... and to her left she embraced OJ Simpson! Hwanhee called me immediately to tell me the breaking news! She was all, "Holy crap, I just hugged OJ Simpson in church! He is shrinking." I was all, "OMG HWANHEE?!" OJ in Church? What was he askin' fo'? After the service was over, people were staring and wondering what he was doing there? Hwanhee could hear the whispers of mass confusion around her.

Even her father was in awe. It was like when we all found out that Lindsay Lohan was a drunk bisexual... everyone was in shock, but at the end of the day, nobody gives a sh*t! Who says that a day in the life of a professional golfer is boring? Not in Vegas Baby!
Note to Las Vegas Travellers: Yes, there are churches in Las Vegas used for things other than "drive thru marriages", and rates at Palace Station are 1/2 off during the OJ Trial... Holla.