Thursday, September 18, 2008

Johnny Miller likes Ice Cream

Associated Press: Johnny Miller is doubting Paul Azinger’s Captain's picks for this week's Ryder Cup. Miller said he would have chosen Verplank, Mediate, Snedeker and Zach Johnson over Holmes and Campbell, but said his views are like arguing over favorite ice cream flavors.

What does this mean? Does Johnny Miller argue over ice cream flavors? With who? Is it just over flavor... or does cone/cup size matter? Cold Stone or Baskin Robbins? If he was with me and ma' homie Kim, he'd totally be at like, Pinkberry or Golden Spoon! No doubt:)
Dear Johnny, I don't get it? Maybe I'm just "in my 20's and confused"...
But Johnny, if we have the chance to go for ice cream... I'm a simple woman, and I'd go for a basic chocolate twist at McDonalds if it means not having you embarrass me at Ben & Jerry's in public. I'd take an ice cream Snickers from 711 if it came down to that.

In Conclusion: Firstly, Miller scored low on the "Analogy" section of the SAT's in high school back in the dizzle. Finally, arguing over ice cream is awkward for everyone and is NOT suggested. Class dismissed:)