Monday, September 8, 2008

Vijay vs Villegas

At this week's stop in STL, Villegas won his first PGA event, beating out Jim "flat abs" Furyk (the guy has washboard abs, I swear!) and Vijay Singh in the final round.

Vijay Singh
Nothing dropped in the cup for "Chief Lotsa-Dough" yesterday, all "The Veej" has to do is make the cut at the next tour stop in Kentucky and the FedEx Cup is his.
Associated Press: "Singh refused to speak to NBC Sports and walked briskly past a group of other media after finishing his round."
Translation: "I played like crap today, so why would I wanna talk to you? Talk to my banker, he's pre-counting my Fed-Ex Cup 10 Milli (pronounced mill-ee, code word for "millions"). Why don't you blow my comments on Women's golf outta proportion again and give Bivens props from me on the new policy... Peace."

Camillo Villegas
What can you say about Camillo Villegas? He sorta reminds me of a cross-between "the polite towel boy at the Puerto Vallarta ClubMed Pool that you can't stop staring at" and "Rafael Nadal"... No?
Associated Press: "A marketing dream, Villegas gave golf fans a real reason to pay attention to him."
Translation: Find the word "cool" in the dictionary and you will see this picture. I'm spider-man with nice hair and sick game. Bring it!
Villegas was a grateful winner in saying, "They keep asking me when am I going to win, and I guess they've got it now. I finally did it, not only for me but everybody back home." Quote of the Day on
Hmmmmmmm... Can't decide, I like 'em both:) The End.